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Dr. Linnette Howard-Johnson
Dr. Linnette Howard-Johnson, was born on the island of Jamaica to Kenneth and Hortens Cole on December 10, 1959.
She migrated to the United States of America in 1980 where she attended theological school for 7 years.
Linnette is currently the Founder of United Faith Evangelistic Ministry in Brooklyn, NY and Jamaica, W.I. She is also the current Pastor of United Faith Brooklyn; beloved by her church and community members.
She has a great love for the community especially young people with whom she spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ preaching hope, love, faith and forgiveness.
Pastor Linnette provides care, support, advice and resources to community members in need. Her desire is to see individuals grow spiritually, physically and mentally.
Before being ordained as a Pastor, Linnette served as the Youth President of Liberty Hall Church of God and was mentored by Bishop Herbert Scott.
Pastor Linnette Howard-Johnson continues to grow in the faith, mentoring young adults and pastors here in the US & around the world.


United Faith is committed to improving the lives of children, youth and adults in the Brownsville community of Brooklyn, NY, through mentoring, tutoring and financial literacy. Our vision is to provide valuable tools that will empower residents to become better citizens. United Faith conducts a youth program on Fridays providing homework assistance and test to the youth in the Brownsville community.

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